Release of General IDO calendar: note to crypto fans

List of announced Launchpads:

  1. NFTB is the complete multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for communities with a mission to help NFT creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.
  2. TruePNL TruePNL is a flexible, secure and user-friendly multi-chain fundraising platform. They conduct IDOs and private token sales for promising crypto projects.
  3. Erax is a comprehensive service platform for teaching and learning DEFI

We remind you that early access to Multistaking was opened on Monday. Basic steps.

To make a stake you need:

1) deposit assets to your re:water wallet (transfer assets from metamask to re: water). Ethereum — BSC — Polygon tokens are available for Multistaking now

2) the acquired assets need to be staked from the wallet into a tile.

Take the first step

As a reminder, everyone who stakes $50 per tile will receive rewards on the day of the Grand Waterdrop!

Don’t wait, read more and participate