Joy post for crypto fans!

As a tribute to the main event of September IDO&ITO marathon the final event of the Grand Waterdrop is officially announced!

How can crypto fans benefit?

The Event provides the opportunity to deposit assets (the list of supported tokens will be published on Sep 8th) into Tiles (NFTs for staking) for a chance to get an instant 10% reward. Starting October, Tiles will obtain a permanent staking functionality with constant $WTR rewards.

Any Tile owner with a $50 Tile stake automatically participates in the Grand Waterdrop!

Step by step guide:

1) Buy Tiles and claim them in re:water App

2) Starting Sep 8, bridge your desired assets into re:water

3) Stake $50 worth stake into each Tile

4) Get rewards on the day of the Grand Waterdrop!

But that’s not all! A super prize will be raffled between all Tile owners. One winner will get $3,500 in $WTR tokens. More tiles with 50$ stakes = more chances to win!

The Grand Waterdrop will take place in the first week of October! (only participants who’ve made a $50 stake before September 30 will participate in the draw)

Feel free to share the news with your friends and get BUSD as a “thank you”?

Benefit from re:water referral program and take off on a wave of profit.

Buy Tiles to experience all the benefits

P.S.Want to know more about the project? Read the Litepaper