Multistaking Early access is open!

Today re:water opens early access to Multistaking for all crypto fans! The beta release is officially open!

What will be released? You can stake the most popular assets from Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon chains into Tiles. Every Tile with $50 worth of assets staked will participate in the Grand Waterdrop on October 5th.

Take advantage of the early access to Multistaking

  1. Participate in the Grand Waterdrop! (see here for more details)
    *Attention, after October 5 you will need to re-stake assets to receive regular APYs.

What can be staked right now?

The first coins to be accepted by your Tiles are among the top on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon chains.

Please note that:

  • Various token stakes can be made into a single Tile.

Re:use your Crypto:

Rainfall is coming

Starting Oct 5, in anticipation of the listing event, the full Multistaking release will be launched along with the Rain algorithm.

Early stakers will have the ability to receive 400% APY and up for each Stake!

More details

Follow the official website

Get to know the Whitepaper



The Universal Multistaking Platform

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