Multistaking. Early Access Benefits of a Unique Feature

In this article, we would like to talk about why early access is a cool opportunity for crypto fans.

Already on Monday, you will be able to create a steak without the additional use of 30% water to activate

Tomorrow you will be able to stake tokens that are gathering dust in your wallet

By staking $50 in Tile, you automatically become a participant of our big event — Grand WaterDrop

Step by step guide:

1) Buy Tiles and claim them in re:water App

2) Starting September 12, stake tokens in Tiles (Early access allows you to stake assets from the ethereum and bsc chains into Tile)

3) Stake $50 worth stake into each Tile

4) Get rewards on the day of the Grand Waterdrop!

Don’t wait! Buy Tiles to try out this unique feature tomorrow!

The Universal Multistaking Platform

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