Everything you need to know about $WTR Sale on Unicrypt

Everything you need to know about the uniqueness of participating in the Whitelist

re:water is actively moving and entering the finish line, completing all pre-sales of the token, and the Listing will take place in October.

For the safety of existing investors, as well as all those who will participate in the last token sales before the Listing during the month of IDO, a strategic security partnership has been concluded with Unicrypt.

Also, along with this, it was decided to conduct a decentralized sale of the WTR token on the Unicrypt Platform, in addition to the previously announced IDO.

And right now we invite you to join the Whitelist

Why it is worth taking part in the sale on the Unicrypt Platform:

  1. All participants receive tokens to their MetaMask wallets immediately after the end of the sale
  2. 65% of the collected funds will be blocked in the liquidity pool for Pancakeswap, which means that the investor does not have to worry about the value of the token on the exchange
  3. Sale conditions cannot be changed. Maximum transparency.
  4. The price of the token is -10% lower than the price of the token at the time of listing
  5. The vesting of the token is provided by automatic Unicrypt algorithms, which means that the vesting will take place in strict accordance with the vesting rules for IDO (we remind you that the vesting rules for IDO: 20% unlock during TGE and then a linear lockup of 12 months)

Why you should trust re:water team and our WTR token:

  1. Safety!

🔹 KYC of re:water co-founder is successfully verified

🔹 Audit of the project — Vidma / Hacken

🔹 65% of collected amount from ILO lock for Liquidity

2. There will always be demand for the WTR token! At the moment, none of the existing tokens has such utility as WTR token!

Road Map UniCrypt Sale:

🔹Whitelist opening

🔹250 Whitelist winners will be the first to buy the WTR token!

🔹Round 1 — everyone who is not included in the whitelist will have the opportunity to purchase a token

What you need to know about Sale:

🔹Maximum check 600$

🔹Closing the Sale — Listing Day

🔹Token price = $0.00091

How to use the Unicrypt platform:

🔹Go to https://app.unicrypt.network and select the correct AMM

🔹Look for the ILO you wish to get in

🔹Connect your wallet while making sure it is on the correct blockchain & AMM

🔹Read the warnings, disclaimers, info tab, audit, etc.

🔹Enter the amount of token (usually ETH or BNB) you wish to spend and confirm (approve disclaimer + approve spending + purchase)

We remind you that the project is entering the homestretch, completing all pre-sales of the token, and the Listing of the water token will be held in October.

And very soon IDO is waiting for you. Let us know that the price of the token will only grow.

Hurry up to buy profitable!