$Water token: how can a cryptofan get it

There are at least 3 options for obtaining a token

Buy on IDO & ITO

This option is suitable for those who want to buy a token profitably. Follow the news so you don’t miss when we open calendars, so we advise you to follow the updates so as not to miss anything.

Receive during Grand WaterDrop

Our Grand WaterDrop is already rumored to be a mass water giveaway, so we know for sure that you simply cannot miss it.

We remind you of the rules. All owners of Tiles get the opportunity on September 8th to bring any assets into a tile from $50 and participate in the Big Gland WaterDrop!

Everything is simple! Stake in a $50 tile and get 10 percent in water token for that stake.

More tiles (with $50 stake) = more chances.

And Super-Prize! one winner must receive $3,500 in WTR tokens. More tiles with $50 = more chances to get!

Mine with Tile

This is the easiest way! For it you will need at least 1 tile and wait for rain on your tile!