Re:water: briefly about the main thing

Re:water is a competitive Multistaking platform that provides an opportunity to earn on crypto assets owned by crypto fans.

For better understanding. You have a total of 100$ tokens in your wallet, for example: Dogecoin, Solana and ApeCoin. Over the past year (at the time of writing), each of these tokens has lost between 37 and 96% in price (as of October 10, 2022).

In order to correctly interpret this fact, every crypto enthusiast must understand 2 things:

  1. cryptocurrency is with us forever, the volume of this market may periodically decrease, but in the long term it is a huge global market on a par with classical finance;
  2. the majority of cryptocurrencies do not have any useful functions and were created with the purpose of speculating on the market.

If the first “fact” gives us inspiration and hope, then the second (fact) indicates that, regardless of market dynamics, it is not worth expecting the value of MOST tokens to return to the values ​​of the end of 2021 in the near future. After all, from the very beginning, they had no potential for use except for market manipulation.

Re:water offered an infrastructural solution for the recovery and development of the capitalization of cryptocurrency assets: on the basis of the public blockchain, the development team created a platform that combines classical finance and cryptocurrencies. WARNING!

Re:water is not “another” cryptocurrency. This is the infrastructure for the development of the global crypto industry, where thousands of crypto projects will gain momentum for further development, and people who own tokens will be able to multiply income and reduce risks from market fluctuations

How it works during the first phase of the Re:water launch:

Re:water is a platform that is available in the form of mobile apps (iOs / Android) and a web portal. In order to access the features, the user needs to purchase a virtual deposit slot on the Rewater map (NFT Tile). Now you can deposit (stake) any* token in this slot and receive % of your deposit. In the future, the stake (deposit) function will be expanded. The opportunity to make a stake will appear for shares of companies, bonds, and the whole variety of financial markets.

Thus, all assets can be used in deposit slots and receive additional profit in addition to the organic dynamics of the value of these assets.

What stabilizes the economy Re:water:

At any given time period of Re:water’s development, regardless of the project’s capitalization, there will be sufficient liquidity in the system in the form of hundreds of thousands trading assets that will support the project’s economy.

In addition, Re:water has a unique infrastructure where, in addition to staking, users can communicate, conflict with each other, build and develop a community (the first gamified financial and social network for financial market participants). All activity data involves commissions and the use of the project administrative coin ($WTR) as a payment unit.

What you need to know to profitably reuse your crypto:

  1. The virtual surface of Re:water is divided into 516,000 deposit slots (Tiles), mechanically designed as NFTs.
  2. You need a deposit slot (NFT Tile). Next, you can stake (deposit) any assets from your wallet into this slot.
  3. Rain algorithm. After you stake (deposit your tokens), $WTR coins will be credited to you once every 1–10 days. On the Re:water platform, this is called “waiting for the rain”. The number of such rains is determined by the blockchain algorithm. Their number can vary from 36 to 365 per year.
  4. The Cloud is a repository where project tokens are stored and from where they are distributed to stakeholders using the Rain algorithm. It is important to know that the Tokenomics of the Re:water project belongs to the “Fair Launch” category. This means that most of the project’s coins — 84.77% are unallocated, and therefore all Re:water participants have equal rights in the ownership of the project’s assets.

How Re:water will change the world of finance:

  1. Will unite the entire crypto industry on its platform
  2. Will provide an impulse for the development of other crypto projects, will increase the value of each individual token involved in Re:water
  3. Will create a single unit of value — the $WTR token, which will be used by millions of users instead of a mass of tokens.
  4. Will unite the world of classic finance with the latest crypto market in the ONLY recirculating ecosystem of collective ownership
  5. Will launch the world’s first financial and social network for cryptocurrencies


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