Partners program. Earn BUSD by selling Tiles


The partners program in the Re:water project is a unique opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of USD (BUSD) for inviting friends.

How the partners program works:

Everyone can create their UNIQUE referral link!

Every new user who signs up with your link, purchases and pins to a Tile wallet will earn you BUSD.

There are 4 levels of the partners program:

Level 1 — you get 5% of a friend’s purchase

Level 2–2.50%

Level 3–1.25%

Level 4–0.625%

For example, your friend bought $100 worth of Tiles. You will automatically receive $10! Your friend, who registered with your link, gave his link to his friend — you received 5% from the purchase of your friend’s friend, etc.

WARNING! Anyone who registers using the referral link and purchases a Tile receives 5% cashback in $WTR Tokens to their Re:water wallet.

How to withdraw BUSD: You can withdraw BUSD directly to your wallet at any time from $5.

Steps to get started:

Step 1. You need to copy your personal referral link in the app 👉🏻iOs💧| Android💧 or browsers

Step 2. You need to share the link with a friend

Step 3. The friend needs to follow the link

Step 4. Your friend needs to buy and pin a Tile to their Re:water wallet

Step 5. This brings BUSD to you and your friends

Watch the explanatory video here

And to make it easier for you to share with friends, use ready-made scripts:


Hello Friend!

Join Re:water! Here you can stake any crypto and get a regular income of 120–1000%! Keep the link 👉: *your link*



Cool news! Now you can earn on the crypto that just lies in your wallet! Just install the Re:water app, buy a staking slot (Tile) and earn from 120–1000%. Keep the link 👉: *your link*


Do you have your audience and want to receive more than 10% from the sale of Tiles?👇

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