Month of $WTR token IDO&ITO

This article aims frequently asked questions about the upcoming IDO&ITO

We are glad to inform you about the big month of IDO&ITO events.

Let’s go over the main topics:

  • The whitelists will open during September.
  • IDO&ITO Sales will open on September 20th and close on September 30th.
  • The Launchpads carrying out the $WTR IDO are: NFTB, TruePNL , Erax …and 1 secret partner.

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The Gift for all crypto lovers! The Grand Waterdrop!

As a tribute to the main event of September “Month of $WTR token IDO”, we are announcing the Grand Waterdrop.

The event opens the opportunity to deposit assets into Tiles (nft for staking) and get an instant reward on the day of the Event.

Starting October Tiles will mine regular WTR rewards through Rains.

Any Tile owner who stakes $50 worth of assets automatically participates in the Grand Waterdrop!

Step by step:

1) Buy Tiles and claim them through re:water app

2) stake $50 into each Tile (starting September 12th)

3) get the $WTR reward from the Grand Waterdrop!

Everything is simple!

  • Stake $50 in your Tiles to get a chance for an instant 10% $WTR reward.
  • More Tiles (with $50 stake) = more chances.
  • Don’t forget the Super Prize! One winner will get $3,500 in $WTR tokens.
  • More Tiles (with $50 stake) = more chances.

More great news are coming up! For now, buy and claim your Tiles!