Listing is within easy reach!

Dear crypto fans, we hurry to you with good news!

Already in October, the re:water project will be Listing

We will have 2 secret partners that you will know about very soon

What is the use of the water token anyway?

  • Activate Tiles

Activate the owned Tiles with $WTR stake. $WTR makes Tiles visible for the Rain algorithm.

  • Activate Stake

To activate the stake you need 30% $WTR.

  • Compete for APYs

Attack and Defend Tiles of others using $WTR tokens via the conflict auction feature.

We tell you the important features of the Tokenomics of the project:

WTR is the multi-chain liquidity token that provides utility to *all crypto tokens

Total supply: 156,000,000,000 tokens


  • 5% of WTR tokens used for conflict auctions
  • 5% of WTR tokens from each Raindrop
  • Transaction fees for each WTR operation on re:water chain
  • 30–85% of all Staked assets melting
  • Sale of advertisement on its communication platform

We remind you of important data:

IDO Token Price:$0,00091

Listing October, 2022

Listing Price: $0,001

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