đź’¸How will the project help me earn?

The great thing is that the project allows you to do it easily and in different ways.

Both Tiles and Water are designed rich with utility and also mechanics for earnings.

-Cross chain staking

One of the inventions of the platform is its ability to facilitate the majority of the market including all of the smaller altcoins you might have. You can finally get utility for your depreciating assets and get real value from them on re:water.

Simply put your tokens in the Tile and mine WTR from regular rains that pour from the global cloud

-Participating in Crypto Wars.

Another truly unique mechanic. Crypto ownership challenges. In real life the financial competition is all over the place but in crypto we had no instruments to challenge that unfair distribution of assets. If someone was lucky enough to have bitcoins early on, no one could do nothing about it but now we have Conflict auctions!

don’t wait, colonize the tile, which will make it easy to earn money:http://www.rewater.io



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