How Multistaking works in re:water

Multistaking is a unique opportunity for crypto investors to benefit from the tokens that sit idle gathering dust in their wallets. It is an easy and affordable way to reanimate assets in a modern digital field.

The most unique feature of multistaking is that the audience can earn yield on existing tokens and receive valuable $WTR tokens.

Last week, we launched Early Access to Multistaking. Where crypto fans can already try this unique feature.

How much can you earn and what is Gross Staking?

Gross Stake is the total amount of multistaked external assets without $WTR coins on the re:water platform.This indicator of the system (Gross Stake) is the most important variable for determining the percentage values of $WTR rewards for each specific period of time.

By making a stake in a Tile you will regularly receive from 120–1000% per annum APY on your stake. We remind you that early adopters will get the highest APYs on their stake.

The ratio of this increase and decrease is shown in this table:

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Ethereum — BSC — Polygon tokens are now available for staking. But in October the list of eligible tokens will be expanded.

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How to Multistake in re:water:

Step 1 — Buy Tiles

Step 2 — Deposit assets to your re:water wallet

For a better understanding, watch this explainer video

Step 3 — Stake *any assets and get $WTR

Watch the video on how to do it

Step 4 — Activate your stake with a 30% equivalent in $WTR

Attention. Early access staking does not require 30% $WTR activation!

*Multistaking on a regular basis requires you to activate each of your stakes with an additional 30% amount in $WTR.

Step 5 — Receive APY in $WTR (tokenomics)

Types of multistaking contracts

What is melting in a project?

“Melting” — is a fee for the Multistaking feature in re:water. Users provide their stakes of any existing tokens in Tiles of re:water to get $WTR rewards. The System in turn “melts’’ down a portion from the stakes on a daily basis. It means that you can unbond less amount of tokens than the initial staked amount, which is still extremely attractive to users in terms of the value they get from the rewards in $WTR over the entire long staking period.

We remind you that with early access, there is 0% melting! No fees will be applied to all stakes until Oct 5. On October 5, four types of multistaking contracts will appear with their corresponding remelting fees.

Read more here.

Please remember the most important aspect, your yield will always be several times more valuable than your melting cost.

Reuse your Crypto with re:water

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