How Multistaking works in Re:water

Multistaking is a unique opportunity for crypto fans who want to profit from the tokens that are in their crypto wallets. Just deposit any* crypto to the Re:water wallet, make a stake and get 120–1000% profit.

The revolutionary nature of Multistaking is expressed in the fact that crypto-enthusiasts have thousands of different tokens in their wallets. Everything will change with Re:water. We will watch live how all cryptocurrency will unite on one platform, and a lot of projects and tokens will get a new push for development.

In fact, Re:water offered the world a model where the audience can earn from already purchased tokens and in the form of social gamification communicate, unite and compete with each other.

How much can you earn and what is Gross Stake?

Gross Stake is the total amount of assets that have been staked by the audience to the Re:water platform (excluding $WTR coins). Gross Stake is the most important metric to determine the Annual Percentage Rate (APY, %) of $WTR per user stake in each specific time period.

After the user stakes his tokens in Tile, he will regularly receive from 120–1000% per annum. We remind you that the first users will receive the highest APY on their deposit (stake). This is because the APY, % gradually decreases (from 1000% to 120%) as the Gross Stake increases.

The ratio of APY increase and decrease, % is shown in this table

How to use the unique Multistaking in Re:water:

Step 1. Buy a Tile and brand it to your Re:water wallet

Step 2. Transfer (bridge) your tokens from the MetaMask wallet to the Re:water wallet (see video)

Step 3. Stake the transferred assets to Tile (see the manual: 1) how to make a stake from desktop, 2) staking from the App

Step 4. Activate your stake (deposit). Add +30% to $WTR stake tokens.

Step 5: Earn every 1–10 days APY,% (payouts) in $WTR Token.

Types of Multistaking contracts

You can make a stake for a period of 10 to 320 days. At the same time, regardless of the duration of the contract, the user will receive the system-wide APY,% (regardless of whether you made a stake for 10 or 320 days, the accruals of $WTR Token will be similar).

However, each contract provides a different level of Melting. In fact, this is a fee for the Multistaking feature: users stake to get $WTR Token rewards. The system, in turn, “melts” part of the stake made by the user every day.

This means that at the end of the contract, your stake in tokens will be less than the stake amount on the first day. In turn, the equivalent of received $WTR tokens in USD is several times higher than the melting rate.

We remind you that with early access, you lose 0%! No commission will be applied to all bets until the first rain (Rain algorithm).


The project complies with all safety standards, as evidenced by the audit results of external independent auditing companies. You can familiarize yourself with the results of the audit at the link.

Read more about melting here.


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