Hot announcement of a big event

Are you ready crypto fans?

We hasten to tell you that very soon we will have a big IDO & ITO marathon

We hasten to tell you about the Launchpads where IDO: NFTB, TruePNL , Erax …and 1 secret partner

Big IDO & ITO event will run from September 1st to 30th.

Let’s go over the main topics:

The whitelist will open during September. IDO Sales will open on September 18th and close on September 30th. We hasten to say that the whitelists are already open on NFTB, TruePNL , Erax and you can already participate there.

Important IDO & ITO Terms:

IDO & ITO price: 0.00091$

Listing price: 0.001$.

Date of listing: October, 2022

Soft Cap: 20$

Hard Cap: 3000$

Initial Market Cap on TGE:: 1.100M$

Vesting: 20% at TGE and then 12 months linear unlock

Backers of Re:water: Everstake, GotBit, Hacken, MarketMaker, Samurai Starter, Unicrypt

Project tokenomics

The Re:water tokenomics model falls under the fair launch tokenomics category.

With a total supply of 156 к water tokens, 84.7% is not controlled by anyone and is the property of the participants in the system.

Unallocated tokens are mined through “Rains”

The $WTR in the Cloud is unlocked and distributed (through Rains) among the participants of the system according to the amount of other liquid assets staked by users.

The staking of assets in the system is accompanied by a commission that users pay daily.

It is called melting

Thus, people melt hundreds of liquid assets, increasing the liquidity supply of Water and forming the Re:water economy as a whole.

In any particular period of time in the development of the project, whatever the capitalization of the project is, there is a supporting relevant amount of liquidity in the system in the form of hundreds of tradable assets.

Do you want to know more about the project? Read our Litepaper